Brian Shoffner Technology Expert

Brian Shoffner is the President of Northland Digital. He also serves as the Team's Chief Technology Officer and Sales Training Specialist.

Holly Estrada Operations & Efficiency Expert

Holly Estrada is the Vice-President of Northland Digital. She also serves as the Team's Chief Operations & Efficiency Expert.

William Norris Profit & Loss Expert

William Norris brings to the table years of profit & loss responsibility and serves as the Team's Financial Expert and assists with sales training, when applicable.

Lynn Croston Communications Expert

Lynn Croston is the Team's Data Communications & Virtual Office Expert. Lynn brings with her 20 years of ownership of a virtual office business where she's handled inbound phone calls and communications for 100+ small businesses at a time.

Debbie Shoffner Administrative & Operations Expert

Debbie Shoffner has 25+ years of experience leading the administrative functions of small businesses. She acts as the Team's Administrative & Operations Expert.

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